3.29 Gymbo IRL pictures and Review!

Hi Gabbers! Happy New Line Day! Sorry the quality on these photos isn’t the best but its what I can get on my phone! New line is very cute!  I liked it way more in person than in skus! Everything hadn’t been set out yet so nothing to report on boys or swimsuits! The starfish toddler girl shirt is SO cute and is running similar to other shirts from different lines in that style. The puffy applique on it is SO nicely done! And for once I liked all three of the toddler girl dresses! The only problem in this line is the white smocked starfish top. It’s exceedingly wide and very short. The mermaid purse is very cute (no surprise there!) I liked a lot of the kid girl dresses, but keep in mind the necklace embroidered dress has no lining on the bottom portion of it. The sequined fish shirt was very pretty and I loved the striped dress! The accessories in this line are also very cute! Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments and check back tomorrow for coupon giveaway! I have a BUNCH to give away! Also, BNB will hit stores this week depending on when your store gets boxes!



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