Spring 2 Gymmap and Other News!

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but thank you birdie for the couple pictures! Toddler Girl is in fact ladybugs as well as bunnies! Newborn Girl is butterflies and flowers and newborn boy is bugs I believe. Also there is a “golden book” collection for newborn with pieces from books like shy little kitten, etc coming as well! Kid Girl looked like a mix of flowers and bicycles. The line name for girls is Pretty Posies. Boys theme is baseball and I believe the line name is All Star Champ. Also you can expect swim 1 as well as girl active wear this line! If you have questions about what’s in the pictures let me know because I do know what some of it is even though the pictures aren’t the best! Just ask me in the comments!


Also, Easter Dressy is still scheduled for February 8th. March 7 will be spring vacation, and March 28 will be Summer 1/Swim 2.

The next gymbucks redemption will be April 19-24 so it will be a much shorter redemption period! I think that’s all the news I have for you today, Gabbers! Remember to check out my facebook page here so that you know all the news and see the sneak peeks right away! Hopefully we will see skus soon Gabbers!


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