IRL pictures and review of 1.11 GBR Line

Didn’t get a lot of pictures today but here are a few from the new line! And feel free to ask questions in the comments! Newborn boy and girl is absolutely ADORABLE! It’s just beyond words! The bloomer set seemed to be running small, so if you’re hoping to squish your little girl into an 18-24 month and you’re about to size out, I don’t think it’s going to work. The boys boat pants and sweater are so cute! The baby boy and kid boy lines are also cute and they are doing this new thing where 3/4 of the boys lines are the same for both baby boy and kid boy. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, but for this line it seemed to work. The sailboat and big brother/little brother shirts were adorable! I liked the girls lines too overall. I’m still not sure if I liked the patchwork pieces as they didn’t seem to be the nicest quality (or maybe I’m just spoiled from years past). I really liked the kid girl green and white striped top. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day, but definitely can be worn anytime! The turtle sweater was my favorite for baby girl! It is 40% acrylic but it is so adorable. Also the snail purse? CUTE CUTE CUTE! It is almost like a beanie stuffed animal as it has beans in the bottom of it. Also underwear are again sold in singles and some of you boy mommas might be happy because they now offer the boxer briefs again. Also, I noticed a pair of size 3 kid girl and kid boy shoes! So I guess they are bringing those back! Well, that’s all I have for you today Gabbers! Hopefully some more sneak peeks soon! Happy GBR shopping!

*added thoughts* Just had a couple more thoughts to share because I wanted mommas to know that overall I did like the lines, but I feel like toddler girl got the shaft quality wise. Some of the pieces are VERY thin. For instance the skirt is paper thin with absolutely no lining and that is how a good portion of the pieces feel. Let me know if you have any questions about any specific pieces but I did want to share that with you. I didn’t feel that way about boys and newborn. Some of kid girl was that way, but I felt like it was still nicer than toddler girl.



2 thoughts on “IRL pictures and review of 1.11 GBR Line

    • Sadly my store didn’t get any of the shorts for toddler girl! I’m hoping they come later because I wanted the striped ones! Maybe another gabber has seen them and can tell you. Or if I find out I’ll comment back!


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