Since we’re waiting for skus…

Let’s talk Spring 2 and Easter! I got really lucky this week and somehow I managed to see what appears to be a ladybug line as line two for spring as well as a few Easter promotions. There was a white dress with lemons (or perhaps it was a giant yellow flower that looked like a lemon) for baby girl, and a pink, white and green striped dress for perhaps both kid girl and baby girl. Also there was a pink shift dress, and a white dress for newborn with lemons (again or yellow flowers) on it as well. There were also some pink floral dress options. Spring 2 (ladybug line I’m assuming) will be February 1st and Easter/Spring Dressy will be February 8. Also check back for some coupon giveaways in the next day or so and SKUS!

**Update! Guess what I was able to get my hands on! Two pictures for you! The little boy picture is the next line and I believe the picture on the left is spring two with the ladybugs! Yippee!**




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