GBR line pictures

*UPDATE* Capsule line is orange and a light blue and the theme for girls is hot air balloons and  kites. The line name is Away We Go. The newborn line is navy blue (or black) still not sure and it’s nautical themed. Boys is also nautical/sailboat themed and blue and green. The toddler girl line is in fact turtles and the kid girl line has a random mix of things but the purse looked like a snail (could of have possibly been a weird looking turtle but definitely looked more like a snail to me). Keep checking back for more details and skus later this week!

I only have one picture to show so far and it’s the toddler girl line. There is also a blue and orange (similar to cute on the coast or cherry blossom) capsule line. Also in case you haven’t seen my last couple posts, facebook shut down one of my pages, so I am unable to share on BST or other pages when skus are up, so make sure to like my page here to know when new things are being added to the website.

Sneak 1-2-16



2 thoughts on “GBR line pictures

  1. The girls capsule sounds like it has potential! I hope they did a good job with the hot air balloons and kites. Thanks for the info!


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