Gymboree Spring Line Dates

I have some dates for you all on the next THREE lines! No pictures yet or sneak peeks, but I’m working on it! Also, my facebook friends page has been shut down by facebook so I’m no longer able to post there or on any BST pages letting you know I’ve put skus up so it’s important for you to like my community page  because that’s the only way I can let you know! The link is here! Please give it a like here! Here is the info for the next three lines!

Spring 1/GBR will be set for January 11

Spring 2 will be set for February 1

Dressy Cap aka Easter is February 8

Hopefully, I will have more details on sales and line sneak peeks soon! Until then, please please make sure to like the facebook page in order to get all of your details quickly!


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