11.16 New Line Review and Pictures

Black Friday and other sale info at the bottom!

My overall impression of this line was good for both boys and girls. Boys sort of lacked an overall theme with the monsters and random animals for toddler boy but I liked a lot of the way it looked. I love girls and the only major change I would have done is to leave out the orange/coral because gymboree tends to overdo that color! I wasn’t able to take the pictures personally but I have seen this line so the comments are mine while the pictures are an awesome friend of Garb N Gab’s!

Toddler Girl is very cute! The sweater dresses are all 100% cotton with no acrylic! I confess I did a little dance when I saw that. The sweater with the mitten pockets is the cutest thing ever. I would have liked some better pants options overall and no orange in the line but other than that, I think it has some really cute pieces. I appreciate the appliques and embroidery in this line and the matching accessories are all cute.

Kid Girl has some very cute pieces as well! I love the penguin dress the most(sorry not pictured) and so many of the accessories! The husky sweater dress is also cute and I can’t wait to see the husky purse because my store didn’t have it yet!

I sadly have only one boy picture but there were some cute things. The toddler boy mammoth shirt is so nicely paid with THICK appliques. A must have for all little boy mommies!


The baby lines are also very cute! I love love love the cardinals! They are so pretty for Christmas. Hopefully the red doesn’t bleed (I’ve had that problem in the past…I assume I’m not the only one) and the boys is cute too with the polar bears!

Black Friday sale is 50% off entire store so some things might be a better buy now but shirts and leggings will be better then! Also there are some new jingle deals starting this weekend like 15 dollar dresses and 10 dollar winter accessories so that might be worth a visit to go grab some of those things! Also please remember if you want to see sneak peeks and instant sale info to check out and like my facebook page Garb N Gab or my instagram account, Garb.n.Gab

Well Gabbers hope this helped you all and I’ll be putting up more stuff soon! So come back and check us out!


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