IRL pictures and review of 11/2 Winter 1 Line

Hey Gabbers! A little bit of news first! I have started an instagram account where you can find a few in store pictures as soon as I take them in store! My IG username is garb.n.gab so make sure to follow me there for in store pictures and other sneaks!

(Also please don’t take my pictures off without permission…if someone needs to see them or the sneak just refer them here! Thanks Gabbers!)

Now here are your pictures from the new line just out today! I had taken more but they got lost in smartphone outerspace because I sure don’t know what happened to them and then about half of the way through my phone tells me my storage is full. Yikes, so I’m sorry I dont have as many for you as I would have liked! This line definitely had some highs and lows. The purple dressy line were some of the pictures that got lost. The purple and white floral dress in both toddler girl and kid girl were very pretty and the gem dress wasn’t bad but I wasn’t in love with it. My store didn’t have out the baby dressy stuff so I wasn’t able to see that.

Newborn girl is the cutest line I’ve seen in a LONG time. The two piece set with the fair isle leggings are running HUGE so I think if you have a 2t girl or you are worried your little one is outgrowing newborn girl, you should give this set a shot! The white onesie with the tree has a secret door with a little mouse in it! When was the last time we got a shirt that did that? So in love with it! There wasn’t a single piece I can think of in this line I didn’t like. I wasn’t able to get any newborn boy pictures because someone was standing in front of it so I couldn’t get a good look.

12200452_677358148150_1090218330_n11.2 Winter 1 NBG11.2 Winter 1 NBG11.2 Winter 1 NBG

I’m not going to say I wasn’t a little disappointed in toddler girl in person, because I was. It wasn’t that it was terrible, it just looked cuter in skus to me than it did in real life. The colors are beautiful though, it just seemed the quality wasn’t what I would have liked it to have been. I think the two unicorn pieces were the cutest, but I didn’t love the thin tulle on the bottom of the unicorn shirt. Also if you were expecting it to be a sweatshirt, it isn’t, it is a t-shirt. The wings on the I believe in fairies tshirt is glittery and NOT applique/embroidered. The striped owl shirt is applique and it was pretty cute and so was the matching sweater. I really LOVED the corduroys and fleece leggings in this line and may have to pick up a couple pairs if I can find shirts I liked enough to go with them. The accessories are all beautiful, I just found the dresses and shirts to be a little lackluster in my opinion, but again the colors are beautiful and there are good pieces.

11.2 Winter 1 Toddler Girl11.2 Winter 1 Toddler Girl

11.2 Winter 1 Toddler Girl11.2 Winter 1 Toddler Girl

I liked kid girl better than toddler girl this go around. A few of my pictures got eaten by my phone, but the striped sweater dress, the ballet grey sweater, and the blue vest were my FAVORITE pieces. I didn’t love the polka dot dress or the grey with tulle bottom dresses. They just seemed a little on the thin side.

11.2 Winter 1 Kid Girl11.2 Winter 1 Kid Girl

11.2 Winter 1 Kid Girl11.2 Winter 1 Accessories11.2 Winter 1 Kid Girl

By the time I got to boys my phone informed me that I had lost internal storage so I couldn’t take many pictures. Ugh. So I’m sorry boy mommas but this was all I was able to get pictures of. I don’t love that shade of neon green so it’s hard for me to critique but the sweaters in this line were very nice! The polar bear one and the yeti sweaters were both awesome and the dressier ones were cute as I saw a couple little boys trying them on and they looked adorable!

11.2 Winter 1 Toddler Boy11.2 Holiday Dressy Boy11.2 Holiday Dressy Boy

Let me know if you have any specific questions about any pieces as I touched A LOT of them! Here is your bonus sneak peek picture as promised! This looks like it will be winter 3 or if winter 2 has a capsule line it could be that! It’s a fox line and you cant tell in the picture but the orange shapes that look a little like hearts are actually fox heads! The dress was so cute in person! What a fun fair isle twist!

Sneak Peek for Winter 3!


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