Gymboree Holiday Casual IRL pictures and review

Hey Gabbers! I went in store today and took a few pictures for everyone! I overall liked the new stuff but there were some pieces that were cheaper looking. The one thing I wanted to love, the fair isle hooded toddler girl sweater was a very big disappointment for me. It seemed thin and sort of cheap looking for the price. The grey snowman fair isle sweater was made much better and was actually cheaper! The penguin shirt and snowman shirt were both cute, but the shirt with the presents seemed cheap looking with its screenprint. I loved the reindeer dress, but I couldn’t tell if the shape of it was odd. It’s definitely one of those I need to try it on to decide if I like it or not. The penguin dress was cute as well and the white winter boots definitely do not disappoint! They are simply adorable!

Holiday Casual TG 2015Holiday Casual TG 2015 OutfitHoliday Casual TG 2015 Snowflake Dress

Holiday Casual TG 2015 Penguin ShirtHoliday Casual TG 2015 Reindeer Dress12177934_676815555510_107207547_n

Kid Girl was okay…I felt letdown because all the shirts were screenprinted and glittery. The reindeer dress was cute as well as the snowflake dress. However, I do have a PSA for everyone. Not all of the reds in KG matched. The red shimmery pants do not match the red in the rest of the line. Don’t know why they would do that, but they definitely are not the same red. The purse was very cute, but I’m not sure if it’s cuter then the current ones at the outlet because I haven’t seen those yet and I know a lot of mommas are loving those!

Holiday Casual KG 2015 Reindeer ShirtHoliday Casual KG 2015 Outfit

Holiday Casual KG 2015 ReindeerHoliday Casual 2015 KG purse

I’m going to lump boys together because they were all on the same table. My favorite pieces were the TB good all year shirt, the TB penguin sweater, and the KB navy fair isle sweater. There were other pieces I liked but I thought the three of those looked nicely made. The penguin sweater would be adorable all winter long. I also loved that the lines for boys and girls seem to coordinate with their navy and red plaid pieces so if you wanted to do casual holiday pictures, you could definitely do that with this line.

Holiday Casual 2015 BoysHoliday Casual 2015 BootsHoliday Casual 2015 KB sweater

Holiday Casual 2015 Penguin SweaterHoliday Casual 2015 Polar Bear SweaterHoliday Casual 2015 Flannel Shirt

I wasn’t overly impressed with the newborn holiday lines. The boys was definitely themed better and was cuter than the girls. The brand new baby pieces were very sweet though. I loved all three lines in that (boy, girl, and uni). Everything seemed nicely made, but I didn’t touch all of the pieces. I just thought the candy cane onesie for girls was boring and I just felt like they could have done a whole lot more with the theming.

Holiday Casual 2015 Santa DressBrand New Baby Holiday 2015Brand New Baby Holiday 2015

Brand New Baby Holiday 2015Holiday Casual Baby BoyBrand New Baby Holiday 2015

And lastly here are some pics of holiday gymmies! I loved most of them! And I love that they have so many choices this year! Which ones are you planning on picking up? Let me know! I’m still undecided!

Holiday Gymmies 2015 Snowmen BoysHoliday Gymmies 2015 Reindeer GirlsHoliday Gymmies 2015 Santasaurus Boys

Thanks for looking and I hope it was helpful! Also if you want to know when new posts are made, new sales, and lots of sneak peeks, make sure to “like” my facebook page Garb N Gab. Have a great day, Gabbers! Let me know what you think in the comments!


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