Olivia the Line and Firetruck In real pictures/review

Alright Gabbers! I wish I had better pictures for you but today I got distracted at the store so I don’t have as many pictures as I would have liked to have taken. I’ll put a few of my comments up above the pictures that match. Let me just tell you. Red coat? Who got it for $16.99 before it got changed back to its 40% off price? AMAZING deal if you were able to get one I tell ya!

I thought the boy stuff was pretty cute. I meant to take more pictures of some of the more exciting pieces but it just didn’t happen today. The firetruck sweater though was so adorable! It’s a definite must have for all those little firefighters in training! I thought the line looked sweet and classic overall!

10.5 Rescue Squad Boy 10.5 Rescue Squad Boy10.5 Rescue Squad

Olivia the Pig for Kid Girl and Toddler Girl was overall very cute. I’m still not sure how I feel about Gymboree making character clothing but I guess as long as it’s every once in awhile it’s okay. The tights were adorable and as I already mentioned the red coat? Oh man, I love it. I don’t $75 dollars love it and probably not $45 that it’s priced at now love it, but it is a love. Some of the shirts were well made. And the purse is just too cute! I also think this line with the pig ear headband could make a really fun halloween costume in case you haven’t picked one up yet! I really like the Olivia sweater dress with the striped back as well as the white swing top with all the olivias all over it. I might have to pick those up later!

10.5 Olivia the Pig10.5 Olivia the Pig Tights10.5 Olivia the Pig10.5 Olivia the Pig Red Coat

This was the Olivia the Pig swimwear. The matching swimcap was cute but I really like the resort line that’s online better but that’s just probably a preference thing.

10.5 Olivia the Pig Swimsuit10.5 Olivia the Pig Swimsuit

Newborn/Baby. Overall wasn’t impressed. I just didn’t like the looks of it. It was just not my style whatsoever. I didn’t like the print, so it’s a no go for me.

10.5 Fair Isle Friends Girl10.5 Fair Isle Friends Boy

Tell me what have you seen in store and what do you like? Any questions? Let me know in the comments!


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