Who wants to see pictures of toddler girl and baby girl?! UPDATED TO ADD A LOT MORE!

Thanks to an awesome friend, I have some pictures to share until I can get in store Wednesday and take some more for you mommas! So here’s the Garb and make to sure to share your thoughts in the comments. My review of the line as well as more pictures will be coming on Wednesday so stay tuned. And also if you haven’t “liked” my new facebook page, please do so you can find sneak peeks and all the latest information! Click me! to like my page!

**UPDATED** More pictures for you lovely mommas! Courtesy of an awesome friend who went in to take more for us since I couldn’t get to store yet! Enjoy mommas!

City Kitty Toddler Girl

12047384_10153562998443559_2003584768_n 9.21 City Kitty Cat Pocket Shirt -TG  9.21 City Kitty Coat TG9.21 City Kitty Gold Glitter Shirt- TG 9.21 City Kitty Meow Shirt- TG  9.21 City Kitty Skirt- TG

Toddler Girl Meadow Walk

9.21 Meadow Walk Owl Dress- TG  9.21 Meadow Walk Owl Dress 2 TG

If you look closely, my friend noted that on some of the dresses it looked like the knitting was coming apart! So be careful when you buy one that you get one that is well made!

9.21 Owl Closeup TG9.21 Owl Closeup 29.21 Meadow Walk Jeggings- TG9.21 Meadow Walk Happy shirt TG9.21 Meadow Walk Chambray Dress- TG

9.21 Meadow Walk Floral Shirt- TG9.21 Meadow Walk- TG9.21 Meadow Walk Owl Shirt TG

Baby (newborn) Girl Pups and Bunnies

9.21 Pups and Bunnies Dresses 9.21 Pups and Bunnies Assortment 9.21 Pups and Bunnies 9.21 Pups and Bunnies onesies

9.21 Pups and Bunnies 2 piece set9.21 Pups and Bunnies tutu

Kid Girl Coat from City Kitty

9.21 City Kitty Coat- KG

Kid Girl Meadow Walk

921 Meadow Walk Hat KG 9.21 Meadow Walk Deer Shirt KG 9.21 Meadow Walk KG 9.21 9.21 Meadow Walk KG 9.21 Meadow Walk dress KG

Toddler Boy Grizzly Ridge

9.21 Grizzly Ridge Bear Shirt 9.21 Grizzy Ridge Bear Shirt TB  9.21 Grizzy Ridge Moose Sweater

Baby Boy Pups and Bunnies

9.21 Pups and Bunnies Bodysuit


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