GBR line info for boys!

Thanks to a real sweetheart, I was able to share these pictures with you of the boys’ lines that are coming for GBR! It also seems a red and black holiday dressy line will be out called Very Merry for boys and girls! The boys line is called Grizzly Ridge and I just love that moose sweater!

gymboree 9.21 GBR kid boygymboree 9.21 GBR toddler boy

Also, Garb N Gab has moved pages on facebook. So if you are my friend on facebook, I am moving to a page format. So if you like what you see on my website and want to get the low down and even more sneak peeks that I don’t post here, make sure to give me a like here —-> Garb N Gab facebook page
Thank you all!!


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