Review and in real life pictures of Gymbo 8/24 Fall 2 and Costumes

Well I know a lot of you have been curious about the costumes and new line so hopefully this will help you mamas decide what you want to get from the new line! I did my best to get pictures but my store is teeny tiny so its hard to see everything at times.

I’m gonna start with kid girl. My overall impression of kid girl was that it was sort of lack luster. A lot of the dresses felt cheap and thin like the fox dress. I wasn’t a fan of the orange/red rhinestone dress. It felt kind of rough and it just wasn’t soft but also fake gems just aren’t really my thing. My favorite pieces from kid girl were the fox sweater and the multi colored striped tee with the small heart. I thought both of those looked made well and cute. The fox purse was also pretty cute but I think I would have liked it more if it was the orange/red versus the pink color that it is.

IMG_20150824_151510066 IMG_20150824_151500289IMG_20150824_153937619

Baby Girl

I liked more of this line in person then I thought I would but I wasn’t a fan of most of the bear pieces. Not because of quality issues, but really just because he sort of reminded me a little bit of a potato with arms and legs. That being said the dress was cuter then I thought it would be and it was soft and 100% cotton which are always pluses. My favorite pieces were the purple mouse sweater and both pairs of shoes! I’m obsessed with the bear boots and the mouse shoes! SO ridiculously cute! Also the tights in this line were really cute and it was good to see Gymboree have those types of tights again. I didn’t really like the grey pieces with the polka dots, in particular the shirt, something about it seemed cheap and like it might fade but I could very well be wrong about that.

IMG_20150824_151736378 IMG_20150824_151717098_HDR IMG_20150824_151704187 IMG_20150824_151642774 IMG_20150824_151638962 IMG_20150824_151607161_HDR IMG_20150824_151549038IMG_20150824_153042245

Baby Boy had some cute pieces. My favorite was the London lion guard. Several of the pieces were soft such as the short sleeve light blue motorcycle tee. Even though I am not a fan of screenprint, I actually thought this shirt was cute and oh so soft! I was unimpressed though with the short sleeve london shirt with the buses and guards, because the guards were screenprinted on it. It wasn’t terrible, I just thought some of the other shirts were nicer. The blue and white striped hoodie with buttons felt VERY thin to me. A definite pass on that one, but I liked a good portion of baby boy.

IMG_20150824_153830019 IMG_20150824_153825084_HDR IMG_20150824_153812136 IMG_20150824_153805300_HDR IMG_20150824_153752209 IMG_20150824_153744857_HDR

Kid boy…I didn’t have any kid boy requests so I didn’t spend a lot of time looking and in my store, kid boy is always smushed into the front corner where you can’t see anything, so I was only able to get one picture of an outfit


Newborn girl and newborn boy were both very cute. I loved that newborn boy had raccoons and wish that the girls would get raccoons! I did love the deer for newborn girl and thought *maybe* some of the pieces could coordinate with the baby girl deer line at outlet. The deer dress was a surprise love and the striped one which I wanted was more plain looking then I had hoped.

IMG_20150824_152107556_HDR IMG_20150824_151955166_HDR IMG_20150824_151939895

IMG_20150824_151817427_HDR IMG_20150824_151812664 IMG_20150824_151805720IMG_20150824_152030198

Onto Halloween! I went wanting the gnome costumes or maybe the Dorothy costume. I came out with no costume. NOT because they weren’t cute but because I still couldn’t justify paying that much for them. The gnome dress was very cute but I just didn’t see it as 30 dollars cute and it seemed like it may run a tiny bit short so maybe if you are in 12-18, 18-24 might work for you. Again that is based purely on sight so take that with a grain of salt. The little mushroom bag was tiny and would hold VERY little candy and the hats didnt have straps on them so I’m not sure if they would stay on very well which is another reason I’m unsure about it. The boys costumes were okay but nothing overly exciting in my opinion. The gnome costume was of course the cutest to me and the funniest. I would have taken more pictures but the costumes were squished like sardines and it was hard to see them!

IMG_20150824_152400500 IMG_20150824_152351147 IMG_20150824_152153358 IMG_20150824_152135570

Well that’s all I have for you, Gabbers. If you have questions about specific pieces feel free to ask in the comments because I did look at most pieces for the new line! Also I am choosing a winner for coupons today on my last “gab” post so if you want to win a coupon make sure to comment on this post. Have a great evening gabbers and I hope this helped!


2 thoughts on “Review and in real life pictures of Gymbo 8/24 Fall 2 and Costumes

  1. Glad to see in real photos of the baby boy line. The colors are not as bright as I thought they would be. Love the London lion guard shirt. Is that one an oatmeal color?


    • The gymboree description calls it heather gray but it is a very light color. Also graphic tees are 12 dollars right now which is pretty good deal if you have a coupon! 🙂


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