7/27 New line pics and Review!

Here are some pictures of the new line. I was more excited about the baby girl line in skus then I was in real life which I hate to say but it’s true. I think Kid Girl and Baby Boy were the two cutest. My store did not have the strawberry umbrella and rain boots so no pictures of that, but it is up on the website at 30% off if you are wanting them. Strangely enough, my store did have some halloween pjs which I took a couple pictures of. Here are some pictures and my review of some of the pieces.

Baby Girl: I was underwhelmed. Just not worth the price at my opinion. The red dog sweater dress is the piece I wanted, but it’s 40% acrylic and so therefore I won’t be buying and I think it’s very thin. What happened to the thick beautiful sweater dresses, Gymboree? The dog peplum top is very cute with its fuzzy dog applique which was a nice surprise. Be warned, this shirt runs small IMO. I would definitely size up one full size if not maybe two! The little girl balloon shirt seems to run narrow like many of the lines from last fall and winter. The red polka dot skirt was probably one of the nicest pieces. It was thicker and lined. I might have gotten it if I could have found a shirt I liked to match it.

IMG_20150727_105521586 IMG_20150727_105404231 IMG_20150727_105400621 IMG_20150727_105339348 IMG_20150727_105312946 IMG_20150727_105306050 IMG_20150727_111303428 IMG_20150727_105417775_HDR

Kid Girl: I think the pieces with the scooters were absolutely adorable. My store didn’t have the red scooter dress which I was disappointed in because that was the one piece I really wanted to see. The dog purse is absolutely adorable! I didn’t love the sweater with the little girl on it, but that’s just not really my style. I thought the accessories were cute and I liked the looks of the canvas shoes with the scooters on the inside.


IMG_20150727_105955404 IMG_20150727_105428813 IMG_20150727_105536148

Baby Boy: I was pleasantly surprised by some of the pieces. Now the first one you see “my imaginary friend” was screenprint and cheap. I wouldn’t pay the price they are are asking for it. The grey monster shirt was completely applique on the other hand and it was really cute! I loved the blue monster sweatshirt as well. I wish they would just be consistent and make all the pieces with appliques and better quality since they all have the same price.

IMG_20150727_110116580 IMG_20150727_110106438 IMG_20150727_112703859IMG_20150727_110041345

Kid Boy: This is the only picture I took of Kid Boy. It was just sort of boring to me. I didn’t even see the line at first because nothing grabbed me as special. I didn’t touch or look at any pieces closely so I can’t comment on quality.


Halloween gymmies: Well hello there gymmies…I wasn’t expecting to see you today. Sadly, they were all cheap screenprint. What happened to the nice gymmies of yesteryears?

IMG_20150727_111525762 IMG_20150727_111535891

Well that’s it for pictures! If you had any specific comments or questions, drop a line in the comments, and I’ll be sure and get back to you!


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