Let’s Gab about Gymboree’s Back to School Line 2- 7/27

Alright Gabbers what are your thoughts? I’ve seen a mix bag of responses so far. Surprisingly enough, I like it! I wish for the same things I always do like all appliques, more details, etc. But, I like the colors and I think the Boston Terrier dress and peplum top are adorable. I’m not a huge fan of peplum so we’ll see if I like it in person, but the dog is completely applique so that always makes me take a second look. And in kid girl, I love the bicycle dress! I don’t know what it is about it, but I kind of wish it was in my size.

But let’s be real here for a second. We all know what the knockout winner pieces are in this line.

The strawberry rainboots and the umbrella? Am I right? I want them for me! I love them! But it does seem a little weird to be releasing rain gear right now and strawberries to boot? Like shouldn’t that have come out in March? So odd to me.

The boy stuff I’m sort of indifferent about. I always like those colors for boys for fall but the theme isn’t all that exciting. I liked the bug line for GBR better, but I definitely don’t hate this line.

As I posted in the skus, I’m not sure the newborn stuff is for this coming line. The lines are obviously incomplete so it’s possible that is meant to be fall I instead of BTS II. However, the bird onesie is very cute, but I’m not sure why it’s short sleeves. I can’t wait to see more of these lines though! Even newborn boy looks very cute from the few pieces that are out!

Alright, gabbers share your thoughts with me in the comments!! I’d love to know what you thought!


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