Gab Post on GBR Line 7/13

So Gabbers, what are your thoughts on the line? I initially didn’t like baby girl at all, but as I’ve been posting them, it’s growing on me a *little* bit. My favorite piece of baby girl is the panda shoes! Those are very cute. I am just not sure if I can plan an outfit I really like around them, but I do like the leggings and while I don’t love the panda never grow up shirt, I do like that it seems to be embroidered. My least favorite piece? The chicken pox cat. What in the world is that thing? It looks like the cherry blossom line cat from 2014 gone bad. If I’m alone in this, feel free to tell me I’m crazy, but I’m just not feeling it. The other line, whether it is a main line or basics, I’m not sure, but I like the monster theme but don’t love the colors for fall nor the style that much.

The boys stuff is very cute! I like the colors and the bug/camping theme. I also love the capsule line but I don’t think I understand the slight anchor/sea theme for back to school, but I often feel like gymboree misses the mark on themes these days. I’m not even sure if that is part of this release or the next, but irregardless, the nautical theme is coming a bit late.

Newborn I’m sort of indifferent about. Looks like something I could get at any number of stores. Nothing awful, nothing special. VERY SMALL line though. I doubt I’ll be getting any of it.

Kid Girl…I hate animal print. Hate it. So when half the pieces are zebra striped, that is pretty much a no go for me. I know that MANY people like animal print so this may be an unpopular opinion, but that’s okay. I honestly just don’t see one piece I like from the whole kid girl line. I find the little school supplies shirt from either the basics or a main line comical, but I don’t really love the hand drawn design to it.

Tell me in the comments what you love and don’t love! I’d love to gab with you!


2 thoughts on “Gab Post on GBR Line 7/13

  1. Thanks so much for finding these SKUs. I love the baby boy shirts. I know some little fella that would have been dressed in the “Let’s Take A Hike” shirt….and the mountains 🙂 Love the plaids in the shirts for boys also. Overall, I agree I love the boys and but a little indifferent about the girls. Thanks again!!


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