Pictures of New Line at Outlet!

Went to the outlet yesterday which is not nearby but I was there anyway and decided to take some pictures! In case you didn’t know the new outlet line was actually made for retail but was sent to outlet instead. I have heard different reasons why, so I won’t post why since I’m not 100 percent sure. Here are some pictures of both the new resort line and the fourth of july clothes! I think the pink and aqua colors were just beautiful!

Gymboree Outlet- Postcard Tank and Pink Skirt 6-15 Gymboree Outlet- Boys Fourth of July shirt 6-15 Gymboree Outlet- Hawaiian Shirt 6/15

Gymboree Outlet- Striped Romper 6-15  Gymboree Outlet- Red Plaid Dress 6-15 Gymboree Outlet- Flowered Dress 6/15

Gymboree Outlet- Denim Shorts with Red Bows 6/15Gymboree Outlet- Aqua Scalloped Shorts 6/15


One thought on “Pictures of New Line at Outlet!

  1. I think all of these are just so cute! I love the scallops on the shorts. Cute red bow detail on the shorts! Perhaps Gymboree has responded to suggestions and will continue to make an effort to appeal to shoppers who enjoy those “vintage” details. 🙂


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