Pictures of 6/15 Line!

Here are some pictures of the new line as well as some thoughts of it in person! I didn’t get a chance to look at kid boy. So for kid boy mommies, I am so sorry, but I can’t really comment on the new line for you.

Newborn Girl State Fair Day:  I thought this line was very cute. One of the cutest newborn girl lines so far. My favorite piece was the striped cherry bodysuit. I wish the red in the line had been a little bit deeper, particularly on the skirt. Part of the bowl of cherry bodysuits is screenprint rather than embroidery. The headband which is not pictured is also adorable! I loved it!

Newborn girl cherry onesie. I thought this was the cutest piece of the newborn line. The cherries were appliqued and adorable. I didn't end up buying anything from the newborn line. I loved it but didn't love it as much as I did in skus. Gymboree Cherry Dress 6-15Gymboree Cherry Romper 6-15

Brand new baby: I thought these lines were cute. My favorite pieces were the strawberry print pants and romper which are not pictured and the veggie sleeper that says “we go together like peas and carrots.” I absolutely loved that sleeper and matching hat. There was some screenprint which I wasn’t crazy about, but most of the pieces were so sweet.

Gymboree Strawberry Bodysuit 6-15 Gymboree Best Bud 6-15 Gymboree- Veggie Sleeper 6-15

Baby Girl Daisy Park: I liked this line a lot more in person than I thought I would. The pink shorts with white flowers was my favorite piece but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. They are made much like the orange crab ones from Cute on the Coast if you liked those shorts. The bunny shirt pictured below was sort of strange. It is all applique and embroidery except the white part of the flower is a 3D embellishment. However, I wanted so much to like the little bunny, but I thought he just looked a little odd. The black floral sandals were absolutely adorable! I really wanted a pair of those for myself even! My store did not have the pink dress in yet which I was disappointed about, because I really wanted to see it. The shirt with the little girls on it had so much potential if it wasn’t screenprint. It had an adorable button embellishment but I just have a hard time buying screenprint items. I do think a few more shirt options were needed for this line.

Gymboree Black and Pink Floral Skirt 6-15 Gymboree Pink Bunny 6-15

Gymboree Pink Bow Dress 6-15Gymboree Black and Pink Floral Dress 6-15

Kid Girl Daisy Park: I didn’t get a super close look at Kid Girl, but I loved the pink scalloped shorts which are pictured! And the accessories were so adorable! Honestly, half the reason I liked baby girl and kid girl was because I loved all the matching accessories! The pink sandals were very cute as well. I wish the dalmation shirt had been embroidered rather than screenprint, but it seems that is the gymboree trend these days.

Gymboree Daisy Park Outfits 6-15 Gymboree Smile Shirt 6-15

Baby Boy Auto Crew: I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I think the reason I didn’t love it was because I wasn’t crazy about the shade of green. I did however LOVE the fact that the car was completely done in applique which always makes everything more appealing to me!

Gymboree Blue and White Checked 6-15 Gymboree Green Car Shirt 6-15

Newborn Boy State Fair Day: Another line I didn’t love, but didn’t hate. I liked the collared one piece the best, but the line was just a little too plain for me.

Gymboree Airplane 6-15 Gymboree Red Airplane Bodysuit 6-15

Let me know if you have any questions on any specific pieces. I did look at most everything except Kid Boy. Again sorry about that mamas! Next time I will try and get some kid boy pictures!


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