Let’s Gab about this transition line

So tell me what do you think? Honestly, I don’t hate it. I don’t love all of it either. But I just gotta say one thing.

Newborn girl is adorable. I have no need for newborn girl things for the summer, butttttttt I may have to get that cherry striped bodysuit and red skirt. I’m in love with it. The strawberries are super cute too. I also love the unisex veggies. Baby girl and Kid girl aren’t terrible, but they don’t wow me either. The bunny (is that a bunny?) on the baby girl shirt looks a little odd to me, but maybe it will be one of those things you end up loving when you see it in person. I do like the floral shorts in baby girl as well as the kid girl scalloped shorts. Not sure I need them.

Onto the boys? On the whole, I’m underwhelmed. I’m tired of seeing cars over and over again. The one thing in boys I do love is the pajamas. I love the robot theme. I kind of wish the whole line had been robots.

Share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Gab about this transition line

    • I know! I really would have liked the cherries in baby girl too. There are a couple of baby girl pieces that might be cute, but I will need to see it in person first to decide. I’m hoping to go in person tomorrow and do an in real life review with photos! So stay tuned!


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