Gabbing About the High Summer Line

Alright mamas (and I guess dads too), what are your thoughts on the new lines?

There is an incredible amount of blue. Is it just me or has blue been the color all spring and summer? Blue is my favorite color but I think more variety has been needed. Also I’m getting sick of just weird geometric shapes all the time. The lines are all starting to run together for me. Similar style dresses all the time and the tops too. And the boys is just not all that special in my opinion. But I do have a few loves.

I love most of newborn girl. It is a lot of blue, but I think most of it is pretty.The romper with the gathered top is so cute as is the swimsuit! Oh and that blue romper? To die for cute. Man, I wish I had earned more in rewards for this line.
Also, I kind of love the white zebra baby girl top. I zoomed in and it looks embroidered which is probably why.  Embroideried anything seems to be so few and far between these days that I want to buy anything that is all embroidered. The “Let’s Roll and Explore” Baby Boy top is also pretty cute. It looked like the car was applique when zooming in so again that scores points in my book.

Oh I forgot the sleepwear! I pretty much love ALL of the girl’s sleepwear! Those mermaids are just so stinkin’ adorable and I love the octopus ones for the boys! But I’m usual a sucker for the gymmies!

What are your thoughts? Let’s Gab it up ladies!


2 thoughts on “Gabbing About the High Summer Line

  1. I really like the white dress with the navy flowers around the bottom. White and navy always present a clean appearance! I hope some of the lines have some embroidered features rather than the “screen print” which is not as appealing.


    • It looks to be about half and half on the screenprint versus embroidery. The zebra baby girl shirt is all embroidery and so is the kid girl giraffe shirt, but the shirts with the little girls on it are mostly screenprint. The boys shirts appear to be screenprint too, but the baby boy vehicle shirt is applique with screen print wording. I’m with you though. Screen print is cheaper looking and doesnt wash as well.


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